uconn boiler plant

Abatement / Demolition

uconn boiler plant

Upgrades to the campus heating plant and utility infrastructure. Oscar’s Abatement responsible for demolition of three existing boilers.


Oscar’s Abatement LLC has been contracted to complete the abatement of numerous Asbestos Containing Materials at UCONN’s campus in addition to selective demolition throughout the job site. 

The primary goal of this project is the replacement of three boilers that contained Asbestos throughout its components. Steam lines were abated, asbestos containing gaskets were removed and disposed of, and the demolition of the entire three boilers and the associated concrete were completed.  

Swift and diligent work has been demanded from the University and the General Contractor, therefore; overtime hours have been implemented in efforts to expedite the completion of the work. 

A goal Oscar’s Abatement LLC keeps in mind when working with General Contractors and the owner of a job site, is that, if feasible and practical, flexibility and extra efforts will be granted if it means forward progression can be increased and scheduling standards can be satisfied. 

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